The Wedding Place

****French Corréze Le Moulin Bleu

Chambres d'Hôtes de Charme

Once in a Lifetime you need to have this dream come through.

Our fairytale site in

Saint Pantaleon de Larche will make your day

10 suites - Chambres d´Hôtes & Gites welcome you.If you book the whole Moulin Bleu, 28 guest can sleep in the house.


Moulin Bleu




To Travel is to Live

H.C. Andersen, danish fairytale writer

Pleasant Dreams

Book your stay at our fairytale romantic manoir mill in the heart of Corréze.

147 Rue de Laumeuil

F-19600 Saint-Pantaleon-De-Larche

Corréze, France


Moulin Bleu House +33 544 319 140

mobile +33 6 37 12 39 69

mobile +33 7 87 29 86 53

Let the moment of your life come through at our dreamhouse. The Royal garden and pool along the river Vézére will make your day.


The old mill will make your business decisions come through.

The floating river atmosphere carry your speech.! Space for 25-40 people