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****French Corréze Le Moulin Bleu

Chambres d'Hôtes de Charme


Throughout my career I have worked with developing markets in Africa and Asia, in an international and multi-cultural environment. I have a broad experience in export sales to developing markets, local import/distribution in these markets incl. dealer management as well as business with and relations to Aid & Development organisations worldwide.


March 2016 + Propritáire & CEO of Moulin Bleu, Postgården, Det Blå Tog & Skovpavillonen. Hotelier & Restaurants in France & Denmark.


2013 - 2016- Alliance Motors Ghana Ltd

Jaguar Land Rover dealer in Ghana and a company under Tata South Africa


General Manager (50 employees)

Responsible for establishing the business: setting up and developing the team, organise facilities, implement manufacturers standards and procedures in all aspects of the operation, equip the workshop, strong marketing activities to familiarize the market with the new Jaguar Land Rover dealer, focused and pro-active customer activities - in both sales and after sales - on target segments, performance management

During the past 16 months – being our first 16 months in operation – I have established a well-performing and profitable company, which is already the market leader within the premium brands in Ghana, with a market share of 40%


2011 - 2013 Paul Ries & Sons, Ethiopia

A company under Near East Financial Corporation, Switzerland


Importer and distributor of

Automotive: Tata, Peugeot, Ssangyong

Earth moving equipment: SEM (A Caterpillar owned brand, manufactured in China)


Deputy General Manager & Commercial Manager (150 employees)

Responsible for budget, P&L, strategy, business plans, market surveys and reports, liaising with main customers, manufacturers and banks, management of staff and mid-level managers, organisational development, branch development, negotiating and implementing SEM franchise, facility development (construction of new workshop)

Since I took responsibility for the Commercial Department, we tripled the sales volume whilst maintaining profit margins


2009 - 2011 Near East Financial Corporation, Switzerland

(with base in Ethiopia)


Earth moving equipment, automotive, generators, tractors

Local importers/distributors in Ethiopia + Djibouti

(Caterpillar, SEM, Ford, Nissan, Tata, Ssangyong, Peugeot, Massey Ferguson, Perkins)


Group Manager, Business Development

Optimising existing businesses in Ethiopia and Djibouti

New business development – negotiating and implementing new franchises for the company e.g. Ford vehicles and SEM earth moving equipment

Responsible for main suppliers

Manage a local + international team

6 Sigma Black Belt improvement projects

Implementation of manufacturer’s standards in business planning, operation (sales / after sales), RVI, reporting

Staff development, business process re-engineering, marketing and positioning


1991 – 2009 Kjaer Group A/S, Denmark (former Kjær & Kjær A/S)

Automotive industry – International supplier to Aid & Development organisation, national importer + distributor in Africa + Asia

(Nissan, Ford, Honda, Land Rover, BMW, Suzuki)


2007-2009 General Manager, Ethiopia and Liberia – Nissan distribution

Country manager and responsible for Kjaer Group’s distribution business in Liberia and Ethiopia – dealer management for Nissan business

Responsible for budget, P&L for region + strategy, business plans, market surveys and reports, liaising with main customers and manufacturers, staff management and development

Yearly sale of approx. 500 vehicles

Assessment, action plans and subsequently development of dealers as per manufacturer’s standards in business planning, operation (sales / after sales), RVI, reporting

Posting in Ethiopia


2001-2007 General Manager Supplier Relations, Kjaer Group

Purchasing, stock management, supply Chain management

Business development – negotiating and obtaining new franchises, in new or existing markets, with Nissan

Responsible for communication and business with all suppliers (vehicle manufacturers) for Kjaer & Kjaer (under Kjaer Group) – being Nissan, Honda, Ford

Responsible for negotiating Nissan franchise rights in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and implementing the franchises in these markets

Part of Top-management in Kjaer Group, thus responsible for overall budget, P&L, strategy, business planning and execution


Brand Manager, Kjær & Kjær

Responsible for business development with suppliers to Kjær & Kjær and for relations to main suppliers, being Nissan and Honda

Compliance with manufacturer’s standards in all aspects of the business – planning, operation, RVI, reporting


1997-2000 Sales Manager Aid & Development organisations, Kjær & Kjær

Responsible for overall sales budget to the international Aid & Development organisations (UN, NGOs), on a worldwide basis, of Nissan vehicles & Honda motorcycles

Sales team of 7 account managers + sales administrators and the company’s local representations / agents in Angola, Bosnia, Cambodia, France, Kosovo, Laos, Liberia, Switzerland and Vietnam

Yearly sale of approx. 800 vehicles


1996-1997Regional Manager, Kjær & Kjær, Nissan A&D business

Responsible for developing sales in French speaking markets in Africa – mainly Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Madagascar


1993-1995Regional Manager, Kjær & Kjær

Responsible for business in Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) and for establishing and managing a representation office in Tbilisi, Georgia



1990 Commercial language (German, French), Odense University, Denmark


1997 Bachelor of commerce, marketing – Tietgenskolen, Denmark


2001 Graduate Certificate in Business Administration – Odense University, Denmark

(macro-economics, micro-economics, statistics, organisation, corporate and business law)


2005 Master of Business Administration, Henley Management College, UK

(human resource management, IT management, finance management, sales/marketing management, project management, strategy management – final dissertation: strategy

(human resource management, IT management, finance management, sales/marketing management, project management, strategy management – final dissertation: strategy implementation)


2010 6 Sigma Black-Belt, Caterpilar



Danish (incl. Swedish and Norwegian), English, German, French – oral and written

Spanish – intermediary level


International experience

Business travels in Africa, Asia, Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Europe, USA


From 1993 to 2007 I had between 60-120 travelling days per year

From 2007 to 2013 I was based in Ethiopia, 40-50 travelling days per year

From September 2013 to present I have been based in Ghana


Management experience

2001 Mid-level manager in Kjaer Group

2001-2009 Top manager in Kjaer Group

2004-2008 Board member in various Kjaer Group companies (Kjaer & Kjaer, AES Kjaer, Auto Kjaer)

2009-2011Group Manager for Business Development in Near East Financial Corporation

2011 -2013 Deputy General Manager and Commercial Manager in Paul Ries & Sons, Ethiopia

2013 - General Manager Alliance Motors Ghana – Jaguar Land Rover



In my private as in my work life, I enjoy travelling – to explore new countries, cultures and people. I play tennis and go horseback riding as often as possible, read, cook and value moments with friends and family.


147 Rue de Laumeuil

F-19600 Saint-Pantaleon-De-Larche

Corréze, France


Moulin Bleu House +33 544 319 140

mobile +33 6 37 12 39 69

mobile +33 7 87 29 86 53